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Hormone Testing


Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing is very useful for diagnosing hormonal imbalances such as those in menopause, PMS, fatigue and insomnia. Assessment through saliva is a more accurate measure of bio-available hormones since hormones pass from the blood through the cells of the salivary glands in order to then be excreted into the saliva.  Simple measurement of hormones in the blood does not give an accurate indication of amounts of hormones that are actually being absorbed by cells.

Hormone testing involves more than testing progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.  Fatigue and insomnia are often caused by imbalances in two other important hormones: DHEA and cortisol.  Specifically, cortisol has a natural circadian rhythm that in the healthy person allows us to get out of bed with energy, maintain consistent energy all day long and fall asleep in 5-10 minutes at the appropriate bed time – not on the couch!  Unfortunately, for many people this natural cortisol rhythm has been disrupted by stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and a busy non-stop schedule.  Cortisol saliva testing involves taking a saliva sample 4 times throughout the day to understand how cortisol levels rise and fall during the waking hours.  With accurate diagnostic information, specific treatment protocols are designed to support natural energy levels and good quality deep sleep.  

Great article

The validity and necessity for saliva hormone testing: Saliva Laboratory Testing, by John J White, MD, CM.  The Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine.  

Dr Proulx ND uses Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratory in Calgary Alberta for many her advanced hormone testing.

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