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Body Composition Analysis

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Want to know more about your body composition?

Bio-electrical impedance analysis is now available with Dr Proulx ND

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is a method of assessing your body composition, namely body fat in relation to body water in addition to the health of your cells.  

The BIA is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment as it gives objective information on how your body stores and water and fat.  It is effective for weight loss programs, general health assessments and to monitor the effect of training programs for athletes. The results from the test allow Dr Proulx ND to make personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations specific for your needs.  

This non-evasive assessment is an accurate method of measuring;

  • Body fat
  • Lean mass – such as muscle mass
  • Hydration status
  • Cellular hydration and health
  • Metabolic rate
  • Need for detoxification
  • ‘Cellular age’ - how old your cells feel  

Benefits of the BIA assessment:

  • Accurate and useful data: you will receive a print-out of your results so that you and Dr Proulx ND can track your success. Body fat percentages, hydration levels and shifts in cellular health can be tracked and used for specific treatment protocols.
  • Non-evasive: no preparation is needed prior to the test. You do not need to fast or alter your diet. You lie comfortably on an exam table, fully clothed.
  • Timely results: the BIA takes a few minutes to perform the measurements and give a report on your body composition data.  

Who Needs a BIA?

  • People looking to gain more insight their health
  • People looking to lose weight by decreasing body fat
  • People who want to increase lean mass
  • People on a weight management program  

How does the BIA work?

The bio-electric impedance works by sending a minimal electrical current through your body.  Multiple frequencies are sent though the body to assess the resistance through the various tissues of the body.  Different tissues of the body have different hydration levels due to electrolytes, cell membranes and the natural properties of the tissues.  Depending on the tissue, a frequency will pass through it at different rates.  The BIA measures the speed at which these various frequencies pass through respective tissues.

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