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I'm excited to work together with you.

My Expectations of You

  • You take an active role in your health.

  • Tracking symptoms, noting your menstrual cycle, listening to what foods are helpful (or harmful) to you.
  • You make space and time for healing.
  • Just meeting with me is not going to solve all your concerns and optimize your performance.
  • In between sessions you must schedule time to work on your treatment plan and goals. This is where the magic happens!


Your Expectations of Me

  • I’m going to listen, ask questions and seek clarity on your health and goals.
  • I’m here to support you in the health journey in ways I know how. If I don’t then I’ll refer or share resources of how/who can better assist you.
  • I will ensure proper communication of appointments, billings, lab information, treatment plans in a clear and timely fashion.


I am NOT the best fit for you IF….

  • You are not willing to change your current habits – food, sleep, relaxation, self-care, etc
  • You are not willing to keep an open mind
  • You are unwilling to add physical movement or activity to your life


I’m on a mission to inspire women to feel strong in their body and mind leading to increased confidence and courage to change themselves and their world.

I am most passionate about showing women how to gain energy and confidence to make lasting changes to their health. I am here to show clients how to strategically implement these changes so they can access more energy, increase their sports performance and be that amazing person they want (and deserve) to be.

Life Tips to Your Inbox

How It Works

What you need to do before ALL visits

  • Take photos of pharmaceutical and supplements (front and back of label) if any have CHANGED since we last met
  • Bring in your tracking forms (these will be discussed during your visit so you know what and how to track)
  • Know where you are in your menstrual cycle (if applicable). If you have ovaries, you have a monthly cycle.

What you need to do before the initial visit

  • Complete the forms
  • Sign the release of records
  • Take photos of pharmaceutical and supplements (front and back of label)
  • Start to track where you are in your menstrual cycle (if applicable). You can use pen and paper or any app you like. My favourites are FITR woman, FLO, and Wild AI

How It Works

You can find me at both locations of the Active Health Institute; Barrhaven and Hintonburg at City Center.

Which location works for you? Book your initial visit by calling 613-825-7773 for Barrhaven or online for Hintonburg.

Once you book an appointment you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to complete the initial forms. It is imperative you complete these forms at least 3 days prior to your visit. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete, but this information will help me get to the root of your concerns.

You will also receive an email with 2 things: a Release Of Records form to sign to permit your family physician to share your most recent lab results and your “Let’s Get Started” video with instructions on how to prepare for and maximize the sessions we have together. Awesome!

Health is a journey and the initial plan is just the beginning. Throughout our work together, you will be tracking various symptoms and progress. We will also discuss various lab testing, where needed, to better diagnose the root cause as well as track internal changes.

You can’t change something you can’t see. Tracking is essential to get a true understanding of how your health is changing and responding to treatments.

Patient resources in the Patient Portal will be made available to coach you between visits.

Once You Get Started