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Motivating people to be the greatest person they can be is one of my passions.

There is so much information out there, and we all have a list of “Health To Do’s” however so many of us seem to currently lack the energy, excitement and drive to make true lasting change in our lives.  

The time is now.  

Contact me and we can discuss what suits your company’s needs best – workshop, seminar, lunch & learn….  

Seem familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard me speak before?  

Corporate Health

I’m an expert medical consultant and speaker with the following corporate health programs;

WellStreet: Cultivating sustainable workplace wellness that boosts employee health, productivity and engagement while decreasing soaring health and benefits costs.

Working Well: Provides your employees with a comprehensive wellness program, designed specifically to meet their needs and the needs of your company.  

Sports Nutrition

Athlete’s Edge: Sports Nutrition for Olympic and ParaOlympic athletes – hosted by the Canadian Sports Institute

Nutrition for Athletes in Training: kids and adults!– Ottawa Pacers Long-Track Speed Skating Camp

Complete Nutrition for Athletes (Special Olympics) – en français

Nutrition for ‘Learn to Run’, ‘5km’, ‘10km’, ‘1/2 marathon, running and walking’, ‘Marathon’. Running Room Clinics.  

Athlete’s Health

Cross-Training. Running Room Clinics.

Immune Health for Runners. Running Room Clinics.

Biomechanics of Running. Running Room Clinics.  

General Health Stress:

Too Much of a Good Thing – Citizenship and Immigration department retreat.

Beat the Flu – presented to MacMillan (Ottawa).

The Juggling Act, The Multiple Roles of Women – hosted by Goodlife Corporate Wellness, presented to Cowan Insurance Group

Health Preparations for Travel – ‘ReviveLife’ Television Show. Rogers Channel 22. Expert guest speaker.

Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema – ‘ReviveLife’ Television Show. Rogers Channel 22. Expert guest speaker.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – ‘ReviveLife’ Television Show. Rogers Channel 22. Expert guest speaker.

Physiology of Reproduction & Menstrual Charting. Planned Parenthood Ottawa: Counsellor training program

Successful Smoking Cessation – GoodLife Fitness Clubs

Detox info session- hosted by the Active Health Institute

Deck the Halls with Phlegm and Mucous, keeping your immune system strong – hosted by the Active Health Institute

Super Foods & Super Moves’ and  ‘Super Sexy Foods: Fact or Fiction’  – hosted by the Active Health Institute

Hydrotherapy for Wellness. Centennial College Toronto

Prostate Cancer Health Information – CHUM radio. Toronto. Expert speaker.  

General Health for Kids and Teens

Healthy Living, How to Be Healthy and At Your Best – hosted by Richard Pfaff Alternate Program  

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