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Andrea Proulx, December 17 2018

Sleep Help? Try this app!

Waking up tired? Need some help getting to sleep and staying asleep? Try out some of these handy apps*

*Of course, make sure you also do all those other things you know you need to do to improve sleep quality…  Technology will not magically save your sleep!

Screen Lighting

Different types of lights have different effects on our body. Blue light delays le release of the sleep hormone melatonin because it is like the sun’s rays. Alternatively, red light doesn’t seem to have the same effect – it’s more like a fire or candle. This is why many digital alarm clocks display in red numbers.

Exposure to blue light from your tv, smartphone or tablet can delay melatonin production by 1 hour. Unfortunately for the smartphone junkies, this effect of delaying sleep cycles occurs even if you’ve stopped watching the blue-lit screen a couple hours before bed.

Luckily, there are many apps that you can use for your smartphone, tablet or laptop that changes the backlight to blue-base light. This effect is also softer on the eyes and reduces eye-strain if you’re watching in bed.

Twilight – app

   F.Lux – iPhone and laptop

Getting you to sleep

Sleep Cycle

Sleep as Android

Sleep Bot

Music & Meditations to help you sleep

Headspace - Buy a 1 year membership and enjoy sleep meditations and a whole lot more. Each meditation builds on the previous one and teaches "how-to" meditate. Focus on sleep, anxiety, sports performance and more!

Deep Sleep  - Let Andrew Johnson's soothing Scottish accent lull you to sleep

Pzizz – This one has 1 billion customizable soundtracks to help you fall asleep!

Stop, Breathe, Think  - Great meditation app that offers meditations based on your mood.

Written by

Andrea Proulx


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